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Area 3 - Difficult Run and Colvin Run

 Area 3, from Colvin Forest Drive to Faulkner Drive, includes the Difficult Run bridge, Colvin Run stream relocation, and a box culvert under Carpers Farm Way.

Area 3

Preparatory work for utility relocation work has begun in the Difficult Run/Colvin Run area. Utility relocations will be ongoing throughout the corridor through mid-2023. Additional upcoming work includes:

May 2020:  Utility relocation work continues. Crews will begin work for the temporary relocation of existing Colvin Run. Along Carpers Farm Way, crews will start construction of the box culvert under the road and begin relocating utilities. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Carpers Farm Way during the work.

June 2020:  Foundation work for the retaining wall between Colvin Run and eastbound Route 7 and preparation work for the south half of the pedestrian tunnel under Route 7 are scheduled to begin.

August 2020:  Construction of the south half of the pedestrian tunnel under Route 7 is scheduled to start.

Fall 2020:  Construction of the new Colvin Run channel is scheduled to begin in early fall.

Click graphics to view larger. Schedules are approximate and subject to change. Barrier placement and temporary sign installation will precede construction.

Area 3