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About the Project

This project will improve almost seven miles of Route 7 between Reston Avenue and Jarrett Valley Drive, including widening the road from four to six lanes, adding 10-foot wide shared-use paths on both sides and making major intersection improvements along the corridor. A typical roadway section after the completion of the improvements is shown below.

Typical Roadway Section After Improvements

These improvements will increase capacity, improve safety and traffic flow, and enhance mobility for cyclists and pedestrians - all in conformity with Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Plan.

Baron Cameron Looking East

Route 7 looking east from Baron Cameron Avenue

Cost and Schedule

Preliminary Engineering: $4.3 million
Right of Way: $28.1 million
Construction: $281.5 million 
Total Estimated Cost: $313.9 million

This project includes federal, state (including Smart Scale), Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and Fairfax County funds. The project was awarded to Shirley/Dewberry on July 18, 2018. The design-build schedule is as follows:

Final Design - Late Summer 2018 to Summer 2021
Right of Way - Early 2019 to Early 2021
Utility Relocation - Spring 2019 to Summer 2023
Construction - Spring 2019 to Summer 2024
Final completion by July 31, 2024

Click here for more detailed schedule information.

Stormwater Management

VDOT is required by law to control and treat stormwater runoff from roadways. There are two elements to treating stormwater runoff:

  • Water Quality is the reduction of pollutants from runoff.
  • Water Quantity is the reduction of the volume and speed of water released to minimize flood damage and erosion of natural stream channels.

The type, location, and size of each stormwater management facility are determined on a case-by-case basis. Stormwater management design is an iterative process and each facility will continue to evolve as roadway design advances. Please visit the VDOT web site for detailed information on stormwater management.

Working Group

The Route 7 Widening Working Group is a collaborative effort among VDOT, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, local board members, community representatives and other stakeholders that have helped shape the scope and design for Route 7. The group's purpose and goals include:

  • Gathering community input toward design that is sensitive to community needs
  • Developing a partnering relationship between the community and designers
  • Preparing for public meetings 
  • Fostering open communication between the design team and the public

Since 2012, the group has met on topics such as environmental impacts, land development along the corridor, bicycle and pedestrian needs, innovative intersection designs, high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane feasibility, mass transit and bus service, and storm water management.  For past meeting minutes, please click the links below: