Construction along Route 7

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Project Updates

Design Updates

  • Reviewed the proposed design to minimize temporary and permanent easements on privately-owned parcels.
  • Committed to additional early improvements on Towlston Road that will provide a 250-foot left-turn lane onto eastbound Route 7 by Summer 2020.
  • Finalized Traffic Control Plans for the project area west of Baron Cameron Avenue.
  • Finalized Right-of-Way Plans.
  • Submitted 100% Roadway and Bridge Plans.
  • Obtained two permits for the project area west of Delta Glen Court: The US Army Corps of Engineers State Programmatic General Permit and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Virginia Water Protection General Permit.
  • Published Public Notices for Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) and DEQ permits for the project area east of Delta Glen Court.

Construction Updates


August 2019

  • Completed early improvements at Baron Cameron Avenue; opened third left-turn lane from westbound Route 7 to Baron Cameron Avenue 10 days prior to contract date. Click here to see a Twitter video.
  • Work on early improvements between Reston Avenue and Baron Cameron Avenue began in mid-August:
    • Placed fill materials for the temporary and permanent widening in the median.
    • Began soil cement stabilization operations in the median of Route 7 to provide a base for future pavement sections.
    • Installed sub-base Cement Treated Aggregate (CTA) in areas of soil cement stabilization in the median.
    • Placed temporary pavement 21-B aggregate in median.
    • Continued the installation and monitoring of erosion & sediment (E&S) control measures for all disturbed areas.
    • Continued drainage work in the median of Route 7.
    • Placed asphalt in the median of Route 7 for temporary and permanent widening.
  • Based on feedback from the community, additional enhancements along the corridor during August included:
    • Placement of rumble strips on Utterback Store Road to warn drivers of the Forestville Elementary School Zone.
    • Installation of pavement markings and “Do Not Block Intersection” signage on Towlston Road at Vernon Drive.
    • Construction of temporary turn taper on westbound Route 7 to facilitate deceleration and turning at Northfalls Court.
  • Click here to see photos.

July 2019

  • Utility relocation work continued near the Route 7/Baron Cameron Avenue intersection.
  • Completed shoulder widening on north side of westbound Route 7 west of Baron Cameron Avenue.
  • Installed temporary signals to accommodate upcoming traffic shifts at Reston Parkway, Utterback Store Road, and Baron Cameron Avenue.
  • Traffic was shifted slightly to the north on westbound Route 7 between Reston Avenue and Baron Cameron Avenue.
  • Began installation of barrier to protect the median work area west of Amanda Drive.
  • Continued earth moving operations west of Utterback Store Road.
  • Began storm sewer installation between Reston Avenue and Reston Parkway.
  • Click here to see photos.

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