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Use this map to check out proposed improvements near you. 

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How to use the map

Select layers to take a closer look at specific improvements planned along the corridor. 

  • Enter your address to view details of proposed improvements near your property
  • Click on a red dot for a short summary of proposed improvements at that location
  • Click on the ruler icon to measure distance and area

Legend Element Descriptions 


Existing Right of Way: Property VDOT currently owns

Construction Limits in Cut: Land being excavated

Construction Limits in Fill:  Land to be added on top of existing ground

Proposed Temporary Easement: Property that VDOT plans to use during construction. It is typically used for slope reconstruction. The property owner will be compensated and retains ownership; the easement is released once construction is complete.

Proposed Permanent Easement: Property that VDOT plans to permanently borrow. It is typically used for utilities and drainage structure maintenance. The property owner will be compensated and retains ownership.

Proposed Right of Way: Property that VDOT plans to purchase. VDOT will be the future owner and the property owner will be compensated.

Drainage: Storm drains, pipes, and other drainage structures

Edge of Pavement: Proposed edge of asphalt pavement once improvements are complete

Parcel Lines: Existing boundary lines between properties

Potential Noise Walls: Locations of reasonable and feasible noise walls as indicated in the preliminary noise study


Traffic Arrows: The number of lanes and direction that a vehicle is allowed to travel

Stream Relocation: Proposed new location of Colvin Run stream

Grass Median:
Locations of grassy areas on top of concrete curb and gutter

Stormwater Management Basin: Proposed stormwater management treatment facilities

Bridge: Proposed location of bridges once improvements are complete

Proposed Path: Sidewalks and shared-use paths for pedestrians and bicyclists

Proposed Road: Proposed location of road once improvements are complete 

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