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Use this map to check out proposed improvements near you. 

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This map reflects primary elements of the current proposed preliminary design, and does not show proposed temporary or permanent easements or proposed right of way.

How to use the map

Select layers to take a closer look at specific improvements planned along the corridor. 

  • Enter your address to view details of proposed improvements near your property
  • Click on a red dot for a short summary of proposed improvements at that location
  • Click on the ruler icon to measure distance and area

More info on the legend 


Existing Right of Way: Property VDOT currently owns

Construction Limits in Cut: Land being excavated

Construction Limits in Fill:  Land to be added on top of existing ground

Proposed Temporary Easement: Property that VDOT plans to use during construction. It is typically used for slope reconstruction. The property owner will be compensated and retains ownership; the easement is released once construction is complete.

Proposed Permanent Easement: Property that VDOT plans to permanently borrow. It is typically used for utilities and drainage structure maintenance. The property owner will be compensated and retains ownership.

Proposed Right of Way: Property that VDOT plans to purchase. VDOT will be the future owner and the property owner will be compensated.

Drainage: Storm drains, pipes, and other drainage structures

Edge of Pavement: Proposed edge of asphalt pavement once improvements are complete

Parcel Lines: Existing boundary lines between properties

Potential Noise Walls: Locations of reasonable and feasible noise walls as indicated in the preliminary noise study


Traffic Arrows: The number of lanes and direction that a vehicle is allowed to travel

Stream Relocation: Proposed new location of Colvin Run stream

Grass Median:
Locations of grassy areas on top of concrete curb and gutter

Stormwater Management Basin: Proposed stormwater management treatment facilities

Bridge: Proposed location of bridges once improvements are complete

Proposed Path: Sidewalks and shared-use paths for pedestrians and bicyclists

Proposed Road: Proposed location of road once improvements are complete 

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